Counselling and homeopathy

Are you looking for professional help and homeopathic advice? We pride ourselves on a holistic approach and together we will find the way to your better health.


What can we solve?

We treat a wide range of diseases in our department. People with mental illness who are looking for a complementary treatment to the conventional one and want to get to the root of their problems can find help here.

We can also address aesthetic issues such as fibroids, warts, rosacea and wrinkles. We are well aware that these problems are not just on the surface, but can affect the psyche as well. Unlike conventional medicine, we work with both aspects of the disease.

Treatments performed

The alpha and omega in our practice is obtaining a medical history. In order to be able to get to the core, a detailed interview is necessary. Functional medicine focuses on a person's overall health, which is why we always give you comprehensive attention at our clinic.

If you come in with skin problems, an in-depth skin diagnosis is a matter of course, followed by a recommendation of dermocosmetic treatments tailored to your individual needs.

Methods used

We use many different methods in our department. Homeopathy is one form of alternative therapy where we do not try to cure the disease by removing the symptoms, but use the principle of similars. We assume that a certain substance can cause a disease, but in the right concentration it can also cure it. Homeopathy is highly individual and you will always get a treatment exactly tailored to you.

Bach essences can harmonise the mind. There are 38 flower essences that, when mixed in the right proportions, set the balance of emotions and mind. The Bach flower essences are always prepared to measure.

Tissue salt treatment can repair damage caused by improper lifestyle, illness, breastfeeding, aging and after injuries. The salts will replenish deficient minerals in the body and improve overall health.

We look forward to your visit and will do our best to make sure you leave Vasmedic satisfied. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or book an appointment directly

Who will help you?

Monika Mikešková has many years of experience in the field of homeopathy. After graduating from the Secondary Medical School Alšovo nábřeží, majoring in Pharmaceutical Assistant, she decided to focus on homeopathy in practice and pursue further education, not only through the course Homeopathic Education for Health Professions I and II cycle, but also through professional lectures.


Description Price
Homeopathic counselling - initial consultation from CZK 2 500
Smoking cessation from CZK 1 700
Reducing excess weight from CZK 1 700
Consultation - alternative medicine from CZK 1 700
Bach Flower Therapy - Entrance from CZK 1 700
Homeopathic counselling - the following consultations from CZK 1 000
Pre-operative preparation (wound healing, relief of fear before surgery) from CZK 1 000
Acceleration of regeneration from CZK 1 000
Bach Flower Therapy - Follow-up from CZK 500