In the intricate complexity of human health, few things are as important as the good condition of our cardiovascular system. At Vasmedic, we recognize the paramount importance of cardiology in ensuring a longer, healthier and happier life.



Cardiology, with its comprehensive knowledge of the heart and circulatory system, plays a key role in maintaining and improving the functionality of this organ. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from preventive measures and diagnosis to intervention and rehabilitation.

What can we solve?

We deal with all common circulatory system problems such as high blood pressure (hypertension), coronary artery disease - angina and conditions following myocardial infarction, rhythm disorders, heart valve defects, cardiomyopathy etc. We also perform examinations within the framework of preventive medicine, including examinations of active athletes.


We provide complete cardiographic examinations. For diagnosis we use advanced methods such as echocardiography, as well as classical methods such as ECG (electrocardiography), ECG Holter with blood pressure monitoring.


Who will help you?

Top cardiologist with experience from IKEM, the Centre for Cardiovascular Prevention of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and FTN, and a number of leading clinics. She has completed internships in Canada, Scotland, France and other countries. Her scientific work in the field of cardiology is also appreciated. She has authored and co-authored a number of articles in national and international impact factor journals. She received awards for the best published original work in the field of arterial hypertension (Czech Society for Hypertension) in 2019 and 2021 and in the field of atherosclerosis (Czech Society for Atherosclerosis) in 2017.


Description Price
Comprehensive examination by a cardiologist (Echo, ECG, carotid ultrasound, physical examination) CZK 4 500
Targeted treatment by a cardiologist CZK 1 200
Follow-up examination by a cardiologist CZK 600
Echocardiographic (ECHO) examination CZK 1 500
Electrocardiological (ECG) recording with evaluation CZK 300
ECG control examination CZK 500
Ultrasound examination of the carotid arteries CZK 1 500
KAR Pressure Holter - 24h blood pressure monitoring CZK 500

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