Are you suffering from a sore throat? Chronic cold? Do you often have clogged ears? Don’t ignore even minor complications and visit our ENT department, where we will examine you professionally and find the right solution to your problems.


What can we solve?

Both adult patients and children can contact us. We mainly deal with acute respiratory infections and chronic problems in these areas.

As well, we offer preventative ENT examinations, which include:

  • Treatment of chronic rhinitis
  • Elimination of snoring
  • Hearing disorders
  • Acute ear pain
  • Removal of nosebleeds
  • Ear suturing - otoplasty
  • Earring Injection

If you are concerned about any of the above, VasMedic is the right address to address your complications. You can visit us even without a referral.

Medical interventions performed

Removal of bleeding from the nose, otoplasty, excision of small formations, paracentesis of the eardrum, injection of earrings, tympanometry and others.

Methods used

We use the latest diagnostic methods and tests to provide you with a clear examination result and suggest an appropriate course of treatment or prevention. Our department also has the most modern equipment available. Do not hesitate to make an appointment today.

Who will help you?

MUDr. Klára Weissová is a highly experienced ENT specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the comprehensive care of patients with diseases of the ears, nose and throat.

You will also be cared by:


Description Price
Initial examination: the standard examination includes an interview, personal history taking, clinical examination (looking, feeling, listening), summary of the diagnosis and recommendations for treat CZK 1 000
Control examination CZK 800
Flexible endoscopy CZK 800
Rhinoendoscopy CZK 800
Magnifying laryngoscopy CZK 800
Tympanometry (1 ear) CZK 500
Otoscopy (1 ear) CZK 500
Cleaning the ear canals (1 ear) CZK 500
Paracentesis of the eardrum (1 ear) CZK 1 200
Application of earrings on both sides - shot + earrings CZK 1 000
Application of earrings only on one side - shot + earrings CZK 600
Removal of nosebleeds from CZK 2 500
Laser removal of chronic rhinitis from CZK 10 000
Reduction, elimination of snoring CZK 6 000
Reduction, elimination of snoring (3x) CZK 12 000
Reduction, elimination of snoring (4x) CZK 15 000
Soft palate surgery for snoring (LAUP) CZK 15 000
Elimination of snoring by LAUP method + 3x treatment with Fotona laser CZK 20 000
Otoplasty 1 ear CZK 9 000
Laser treatment of the palate to improve oxygenation and reduce, eliminate snoring CZK 6 000

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