We deal comprehensively with difficulties related to the nervous system. Are you suffering from mobility limitations or spinal blockages? Visit our neurology department where we will examine you professionally and find the ideal solution to your neurological difficulties. We specialize in adult clients only.


What can we solve?

The most common examinations include back pain with/without propagation to the extremities, pain in the extremities in the context of nerve root compression, nerve or polyneuropathy.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive examination with the possibility of diagnosis by EMG (electromyography), followed by individualized therapy including the possibility of analgesic-myorelaxant infusions and topical sprays.

Our neurology department works closely with physiotherapy, which is one of the great advantages of a multidisciplinary clinic like Vasmedic. With the presence of multiple departments and specialists, you are in the best possible care, even without a GP referral.

Procedures performed

I use EMG (electromyography) as part of my investigations. This is an examination of nerve conduction and muscle examination using needle EMG. This enables us to address nerve involvement/damage, the most common of which is carpal tunnel syndrome. Likewise, we can detect radiculopathy or nerve root oppression in the spine.

Methods used

We use the latest neurological methods, including the aforementioned electromyography and modern equipment. Feel free to make an appointment today.

If you make an appointment for neurology, you must pay a booking fee of CZK 500, which will be deducted from the total price of the procedure. The booking fee must be paid within five days of booking, otherwise the booking will be cancelled. 

Who will help you?

MUDr. Lenka Jelínková is a very experienced neurologist with more than 20 years of experience. After graduating from the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University, she worked as a secondary physician in the neurology department of Masaryk City Hospital in Jilemnice. Later she worked at the neurological clinic of the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady, where she became the head doctor.

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Packages and prices of individual treatments

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Karpální tunely dovedou hodně potrápit. Zde je základní balíček opatření pro vyřešení problému.

Value of individual items:
CZK 7 500
Package price
CZK 6 000


Description Price
Neurological examination CZK 1 000
Neurological examination - follow-up CZK 800
EMG examination - basic from CZK 2 500
EMG needle from CZK 500
Consultation of results - control CZK 500
Peripheral nerve root injection CZK 500
Intravenous application of drugs CZK 1 200
Injection application CZK 500
GUNA collagen application - 1 ampoule CZK 500
Special tests from CZK 500
Carpal tunnel surgery 1 hand - classic CZK 6 500
Carpal tunnel surgery 1 hand - endoscopic CZK 14 000
Extract from your medical records CZK 500
Telephone consultation - check from CZK 500
Other procedures as indicated by the doctor from CZK 200