Quality diagnostics is essential in solving any problem. Sonography is an effective imaging method that uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to anatomically image tissues and organs in the area under examination. It is used as a diagnostic tool for both preventive examinations and in the treatment of already diagnosed health problems.


How we can help

At the Vasmedic clinic, we perform Doppler ultrasound examination, which, in comparison to conventional ultrasound, allows us to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the findings in the vascular system and evaluate the presence of vascular blockages or assess the degree of their narrowing. Decades of experience with this ultrasound have confirmed that it is a painless, safe and effective imaging method. 

Preparation for sonographic examination

You should come to the abdominal and pelvic examination fasting. It is possible to arrive with a completed application form from your GP giving personal details, specifying the exact examination required and its expected benefit, and a brief history of the condition diagnosed. If you wish to have an examination on your own request, you only need to fill in an intake form at our reception.  We do not perform breast examinations. We make sure to give everyone enough time to explain the examination process and any findings.

Examination process

The examination is carried out by an erudite specialist - a radiologist who selects the appropriate ultrasound probe for the area under examination and sets the optimal parameters of the device. The patient lies on the examination table during the examination. The doctor moves the ultrasound probe smoothly over the patient's body in the area to be examined, while observing the image on the monitor. The examination is performed in different planes determined by the position of the probe, sometimes in different positions of the patient. During the examination, the doctor takes different measurements if necessary. The result is a written report or image documentation, on the basis of which the doctor can suggest the most effective method of treatment.

Who will help you?

MUDr. Daria Sedaya is an expert in radiology and imaging with more than seven years of experience. She graduated in general medicine from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague, where she received her degree in 2016. After graduation, she immediately joined the team at Motol University Hospital, where she specializes in radiology.


Description Price
Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity CZK 2 000
Ultrasound examination of two areas CZK 3 000
Ultrasound examination of three or more areas CZK 3 500
Ultrasound examination of another area CZK 2 000