Internal Medicine

Internal medicine or internal medicine is one of the basic branches of clinical medicine. It deals mainly with non-surgical treatment and diagnosis of diseases of internal organs. Unlike a general practitioner, an internist can treat more serious conditions and a wider range of problems.


What we solve

The internal examination is based on the history, patient interview and comprehensive blood examination supplemented by ECG. The comprehensive internal examination includes an initial examination, which includes an interview, taking a personal history, a clinical examination (looking, feeling, listening), a summary of the diagnosis, blood pressure measurement, a rapid blood glucose reading, an ECG recording (and interpretation), blood draws for laboratory tests and recommendations for treatment or further investigations. The result is a medical report.

Prevention and prevention programmes are an important part of our care, focusing on increasingly common civilisation diseases.

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Description Price
Comprehensive internal examination CZK 2 500
Vitamin infusion CZK 1 000
Blood collection - basic laboratory tests CZK 1 000
Control examination CZK 800
Oxygen therapy 30min CZK 500
Clinical examination and evaluation of findings by an internal medicine physician CZK 500
Urine analysis CZK 500
Special tests CZK 300