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Welcome to Vasmedic and take advantage of the consultation!

Your personal doctor at Vasmedic accompanies you from the first contact and is your consultant and guide in dealing with the complexity of your overall health. Your needs will be fulfilled without delay. See for yourself and visit us at our newly opened clinic in Prague 5.

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Put an end to snoring

Snoring affects not only men but also women and is not as harmless as many people think. Get rid of fatigue, irritability, depression and frequent waking. At VasMedic, we use a laser device to affect the momentum and vibration of the soft palate. Consult your problems with our ENT specialist and start the appropriate treatment.

Selection of services

The department is headed by Dr Libor Dvořáček, a renowned expert in venous and vascular surgery. MUDr. Dvořáček started as a general surgeon at the hospital in Opočno and after his certification he started to devote himself fully to vascular surgery at the Na Homolce Hospital, where he works to this day.

Do you have problems with your musculoskeletal system? Does your whole body hurt, do you need rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries? Don’t know how to exercise your aching back? Visit the physiotherapy department at our clinic and together we will find the right solution to your difficulties.

We deal comprehensively with difficulties related to the nervous system. Are you suffering from mobility limitations or spinal blockages? Visit our neurology department, where we will examine you professionally and find the ideal solution to your neurological difficulties.

Do you have dermatological problems of both aesthetic and medical nature? You can rely on us for professional care and effective solutions to the most common dermatological problems, from acne to mole control.


MUDr. Dvořáček is an excellent experienced doctor with a human and caring approach. Thank you for his services.


I am very satisfied, the negotiations, everything was clearly shown and explained. After the treatment I feel great, it didn’t hurt.


Dr. Dvořáček is an excellent specialist and a great sympathizer. I fully trust him and if necessary, I will 100% contact him again.


The physiotherapist Bartáková is absolutely wonderful. I finally found a place where they can really help me. Beautiful premises with a nice attitude at the reception, professional medical service last but not least. Visible results after the first visit. I will definitely return regularly.

Dominik M.

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Vasmedic is a multidisciplinary health clinic in Prague 5. We provide extremely individualized care. Our doctor is your personal guide in dealing with the complexity of your overall health. Your health is our priority and we will arrange an appointment for treatment or surgery as soon as possible.

Discover a place where your health and beauty comes first and make an appointment today!

Mo–Fr:  8:30–17:00

VasMedic, s.r.o.
Moulíkova 3286/1b
150 00, Prague 5

ID: 10916032

Tax ID: CZ10916032


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