Do you have problems with your musculoskeletal system? Does your whole body hurt, do you need rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries? Don’t know how to exercise your aching back? Visit the physiotherapy department at our clinic and together we will find the right solution to your difficulties.


What can we solve?

Our department offers rehabilitation care for a wide range of conditions. We focus on stroke recovery, carefully choosing the right approach according to the extent of the disability. With subsequent rehabilitation, we support the return of brain function and prevent the development of complications. We rehearse daily activities with the patient, or train speech. We try to improve self-sufficiency and return to the previous lifestyle.

We teach patients how to rehabilitate properly after spondylosurgery. According to the patient’s possibilities, we try to start rehabilitation early. We carefully choose the right procedures and attend to each individual.

We treat patients with central and peripheral paresis and plegia of various causes. We always aim for the maximum possible mobility within the given diagnosis.

Patients after various types of injuries (fractures, amputations) can also visit us. We will teach you how to use compensatory aids. If necessary, we will practice normal daily activities that lead to self-sufficiency.

We also attend to orthopaedic patients after joint replacements (total or partial), rheumatic diseases and any degenerative diseases.

You can also come as part of prevention. Back pain and musculoskeletal pain in general is a disease of civilization. You can aggravate them by improper exercise. An experienced physiotherapist will teach you how to exercise properly.

Vasmedic is also close by in case of sudden problems when immediate professional help is needed. On Fridays and Saturdays, our physical emergency room is available. You will receive a treatment appointment within 1-2 hours of calling. 

Interventions performed

Our primary method of treatment is the so-called therapeutic physical education (LTV). The range of exercises is determined on the basis of an initial examination by a physiotherapist and aims to prevent, improve or modify the body’s functions.

In LTV, we exercise with patients on labile surfaces that help engage the muscles of the whole body and make exercise more effective. LTV also includes active and passive movements, conditioning exercises and last but not least, breathing rehabilitation, which is a supportive treatment for respiratory diseases.

Methods used

You can meet us for example with postisometric relaxation, which is a combination of manual therapy and rehabilitation. This method seeks to eliminate muscle spasms and relieve overloaded muscle fibres.

We also use so-called soft techniques designed to treat the skin, muscles, tendons and subcutaneous tissue. Soft techniques include stretching, stroking, pressure and draping. Although they may resemble massage techniques, they are not the same method.

You will also encounter massage techniques in our clinic. We provide reflexology, sports and restorative massage. There is also manual lymphatic drainage.

LTV, soft techniques and massages can be further supported by kinesiotaping and yoga lessons with an experienced teacher.

Frequently asked questions on physiotherapy.

Who will help you?

He is dedicated to sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation of post-injury conditions, as well as orthopaedic, neurological and vertebrogenic diagnoses. He is proficient in joint mobilizations, lymphatic drainage, Dorn's method, Mojžíšová method. As a sports instructor, he also has a good understanding of the needs of athletes.

You will also be cared by:


Description Price
Initial examination: the standard examination includes an interview, personal history taking, clinical examination (looking, feeling, listening), summary of the diagnosis and recommendations for treat CZK 1 000
Physiotherapy 30 minutes CZK 900
Physiotherapy 60 minutes CZK 1 500
Physiotherapy 60 min package 5+1 CZK 7 500
Kinesiotaping applications CZK 800
Functional physiotherapy training (with aids) adapted for the client 50 minutes CZK 1 100
Functional physiotherapy training (with equipment) adapted for the client 50 min (package 5+1) CZK 5 500
Classical massage 55 minutes CZK 1 000
Classical massage 85 minutes CZK 1 400
Sports massage 55 minutes CZK 1 200
Sports massage 85 minutes CZK 1 700
Reconditioning massage 55 minutes CZK 1 200
Massage - back reflexology 50 minutes CZK 1 300
Manual lymphatic drainage - upper or lower limbs 60 minutes CZK 1 300
Manual lymphatic drainage - buttocks and hips 40 minutes CZK 1 300
Manual lymphatic drainage - back and neck 50 minutes CZK 1 100
Manual lymphatic drainage - full body 90 minutes CZK 2 000
Manual lymphatic drainage - package 10+1 CZK 20 000
Manual lymphatic drainage + instrumental lymphatic drainage + taping 80 minutes CZK 2 300
Instrumental lymphatic drainage 40 minutes CZK 600

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