MUDr. Libor Dvořáček

MUDr. Libor Dvořáček, is a renowned specialist in venous and vascular surgery. MUDr. Dvořáček started as a general surgeon at the hospital in Opočno and after his certification he started to devote himself fully to vascular surgery at the Na Homolce Hospital. During his career to date, he has completed several foreign internships at renowned vascular centres, for example in Houston, USA and Strasbourg, France.

In addition to vascular surgery, MUDr. Dvořáček is also involved in aesthetic and minimally invasive surgery at aesthetic clinics. In order to gain superior knowledge of aesthetic medicine, he completed a fellowship in plastic and aesthetic surgery with a focus on minimally invasive liposuction at the ABS Institute, based in Denver, USA.

MUDr. Dvořáček’s medical background also includes experience in emergency medicine. He has worked at the Hradec Králové Region’s LZSS and currently works as a doctor at the Orlické Mountains Mountain Service.
MUDr. Dvořáček is a member of the ČLS Surgical, Angiological, Robotic and Cardiovascular Society.

MUDr. Libor Dvořáček may just be your personal physician!