Treatment of pain syndromes

Vasmedic offers treatment for pain syndromes with a focus on back pain and pain syndromes caused by pressure on nerves, such as carpal tunnels. Check out the details and don't delay in addressing your health issues.


What we solve

If you are looking for minimally invasive procedures with a short recovery time and the least aesthetic effect, you have come to the right place. We primarily address:

  • back pain
  • pain syndromes caused by nerve pressure
  • carpal tunnel syndrome

At the beginning, an examination by a doctor at the VasMedic clinic is always advisable, or you should bring the results of examinations you have already been to. We accept patients without a referral from a general practitioner.

Procedures performed

The most commonly performed procedures include carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, caudal blocks and painful nerve blocks. No special preparation is required on the part of the patient. Recovery time depends on the specific procedure.

Physiotherapy is very important, which we also offer at the Vasmedic clinic. It will help you with warming up after the procedure, as well as with speeding up the healing process and returning to normal life.

  • Carpal tunnel surgery using the classic surgical method
  • Minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery

Methods used

Our department has the most modern equipment available. Diagnosis is carried out using EMG and a modern ultrasound machine.

Who will help you?

Leading neurologist focused and headaches. She has applied her extensive experience, for example, at the Neurological Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University or at Motol University Hospital.

You will also be cared by:


Description Price
Carpal tunnel surgery 1 hand - endoscopically CZK 12 000
Carpal tunnel surgery 1 hand - classically CZK 5 500
Neurological examination CZK 2 500
EMG examination - basic CZK 2 000
Control examination CZK 500
Intravenous drug administration CZK 500
Telephone consultation - control CZK 500
Extract from medical records CZK 500
Application of GUNA collagen - 1 ampoule CZK 350
EMG needle CZK 300
Peripheral nerve root injection CZK 300
Special tests CZK 300
Injection application CZK 200
Other treatments as indicated by the doctor CZK 200