Not surprisingly, it is not only the body that can become ill, but also the soul. Mental illness is known to be associated with a higher risk of physical illness, and the reverse is also true. At Vasmedic, we recognize that the body and the soul are two inseparable entities and we approach our clients accordingly. Throw away your preconceived notions, seeing a psychologist has long since ceased to be a stigma, but rather a sign that we want to consciously work on ourselves. Don't put off solving your problems indefinitely, you can take your first step towards a better life today.


What can we solve?

Our psychological counselling service provides comprehensive care for children aged 14 and over and adults. You can contact us with a wide range of problems such as anxiety and depression, chronic stress, burnout syndrome, family and partner relationships, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bullying at school, sleep problems.

Each client is unique to us. We approach you with respect, empathy and without prejudice. All information shared during therapy is strictly confidential and will not be shared without your explicit consent. We create a safe and supportive environment for you to openly express your thoughts and feelings.

Methods of treatment

The first consultation is an introductory meeting during which the psychologist gets to know your problems and expectations. Based on this meeting, you will work together to establish a treatment plan. The length of therapy is individual and depends on the nature and complexity of the problems. Some problems may be resolved in a few sessions, others may require longer-term work.

  • Individual therapy - focuses on working with the individual and their specific problems. We will provide a safe and confidential environment where you can openly share your thoughts, feelings and concerns. 
  • Couples therapy - is for partners who are facing problems in their relationship. The aim is to improve communication, restore trust, resolve conflicts and strengthen emotional bonds between partners. We will help you understand the dynamics of your relationship and find effective ways to manage challenges.
  • Family therapy - focuses on improving relationships and communication within the family. It helps to solve problems between family members, promotes understanding and cooperation. Family therapy is useful in dealing with problems such as divorce, parent-child conflicts, behavioural problems and other family issues.

We also offer crisis intervention, which is designed for situations where you are in an acute crisis and need immediate help. We can help you manage a stressful or painful emotional situation, provide emotional support and help you find short and long-term solutions.

Who will help you?

Dr. Dana Cooke is an experienced psychologist with international training and experience. She studied psychology in the United States where she furthered her career in both psychiatric and psychological clinics. Although she is an American psychologist, she is fluent in Czech as she was born in Prague.


Description Price
Individual consultation 50 minutes CZK 1 500
Couple session 50 minutes CZK 2 000
Couple session 80 minutes CZK 2 700
Family session 50 minutes CZK 2 000
Family session 80 minutes CZK 2 700