As a multidisciplinary clinic, Vasmedic offers alternative methods in addition to conservative treatment methods. Our specialists take a holistic approach to your health, assessing your condition in context and suggesting treatment methods that complement each other. Especially for musculoskeletal pain, acupuncture can bring you surprising results.


What can we solve?

Acupuncture is a preventive treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the fact that there is a network of pathways in the body - meridians, through which life energy flows, these pathways are connected to the internal organs. The principle of acupuncture treatment is stimulation, the impaling of precisely defined points in the body with very thin metal needles. It is usually at these points that blockages arise that cause health problems. An accompanying method of acupuncture is moxing (blessing). It is a deep heating of the affected acupuncture points with a lighted and slowly smouldering dried wormwood.

Methods used

Acupuncture itself is always preceded by a consultation with a doctor who will assess whether the treatment is suitable or suggest an alternative. The needles are applied in the body for approximately 20 minutes, after which the client can leave. Usually several visits are required. The treatment interval is individual, based on the nature and length of the difficulty. Acupuncture is suitable for almost everyone. Exceptions are pregnant women, cancer patients and people with blood clotting disorders.

Who will help you?

MUDr. Lenka Jelínková is a very experienced neurologist with more than 20 years of experience. After graduating from the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University, she worked as a secondary physician in the neurology department of Masaryk City Hospital in Jilemnice. Later she worked at the neurological clinic of the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady, where she became the head doctor.


Description Price
Initial examination - adult CZK 2 000
Initial examination - child CZK 1 800
Body acupuncture + needle application CZK 1 800
Ear acupuncture CZK 1 800
Material use (moxa, magnets) CZK 300