Monika Mikešková

Monika Mikešková

Monika Mikešková

Homeopathic Consultant

Monika Mikešková has many years of experience in the field of homeopathy. After graduating from the Secondary Medical School Alšovo nábřeží, majoring in Pharmaceutical Assistant, she decided to focus on homeopathy in practice and pursue further education, not only through the course Homeopathic Education for Health Professions I and II cycle, but also through professional lectures.

By participating in homeopathic seminars such as homeopathic support for athletes, acute digestive disorders from the perspective of homeopathy, symptomatic treatment of flu and colds from the perspective of homeopathy, stress and homeopathy, homeopathic treatment of stress and anxiety, gynaecology and menstrual cycle with homeopathy or, for example, homeopathic supportive treatment of oncological diseases, she is able to offer patients an individual approach and a wealth of knowledge.

Other treatment options that Monika Mikešková uses include phytotherapy, bio-information medicine, medicinal mushrooms, Schüsler salts, Bach essences, adaptogens and aromatherapy.

If you are interested in homeopathy, do not hesitate to meet Monika at our clinic.

Office hours:
Tu: 15:00 – 18:00

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